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Did you know that...

Flowers such as roses, which are an overwhelming favorite of the majority of people, are used to express emotion, to increase feelings of self-worth and to increase happiness.

Orchids have more varieties of flowering plants than any other, numbering between 20,000 and 30,000 species.  This is made even more unique in that these numbers refer to naturally occurring species.


Did you know...

Depression is a serious disease that millions of people are afflicted with each year. It's more than just a bad mood; it's a biologic disorder that can make your daily living stressful and sad.

There are approximately one hundred and seven million adults over 20 years of age in the United States with high cholesterol.

Did you know...

Apples were first grown near the Black Sea, and the Greeks and Romans had a great love for them. One quarter of an apple is air, which is why they so easily float. And the largest apple ever picked weighed almost three pounds.

Bananas are easy to find in the supermarket, regardless of what season it is, and they are a great source of carbs and potassium, as well as 11 minerals and 6 vitamins. They're also inexpensive, and very popular with athletes.

Oranges are known to most people to be a significant source of vitamin C. In fact, for most Americans, oranges are where they get most of their vitamin C. In addition to this, oranges also contain calcium, niacin, potassium and magnesium.

Did you know that...

Tigers generally are solitary animals. They are also territorial, typically living in an area up to 40 square miles in size, depending upon the availability of prey.

There are over 150 dog breeds that are recognized by the American Kennel Club, with another 22 breeds classified as unrecognized or rare breeds.  Breeds are usually grouped together in descriptive form; such as sporting, hound, working and herding dogs.




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